Quit Thinking About It


For the past several years, my life has been full of second thoughts accompanied by major swings in my emotional state.  Happy and excited one day, scared, sad and depressed the next. Can you relate?

I wasn’t always that way but as I got older and “life” happened, my ability to make decisions seemed to fade.  It seemed to me that EVERY decision I made had me second guessing.  I found myself seeking advice, many times from those ill-equipped to give it or from multiple sources all with varying opinions on the topic.  Each opinion that I received only further complicated my ability to make a decision and added to my emotional roller coaster.  For the last 4 years I felt “stuck”.  I was so afraid of making the wrong decision, that I ended up making no decision at all, which in itself is a decision.

Without going into too many details, this summer I was faced with several  major life changing decisions. This time, I listened to my “gut” and remembered what I had read in Andy Andrews book The 7 Decisions: Understanding the Keys to Personal Success-“When faced with the opportunity to make a decision, I will make one. I understand that God did not put in me the ability to always make right decisions. He did, however, put in me the ability to make a decision and then make it right. The rise and fall of my emotional tide will not deter me from my course. When I make a decision, I will stand behind it. My energy will go into making the decision. I will waste none on second thoughts. My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement”.  Since following Mr. Andrew’s advice has been very helpful for me, I wanted to offer it to any of you that find yourself in the same position as I once was.  If you struggle making a decision, just do it.  Even if that decision is to do nothing, make that be your decision and move on, don’t let it linger, for”keeping your options open” may be the worst decision of all.

Good luck and have a great day-

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