United We Stand – Divided We Fall


This morning as I was in the shower, I reflected on what it means to be an American.  While doing so, the phrase “United we strand, divided we fall”popped into my head.  I ran down stairs and found one of my favorite pictures.  I took it several years back on a cold windy night while at the top of “Grand Dad’s Bluff” in LaCrosse, WI.  I remembered the pride I felt for our country as I took pictures that night.

The phrase “United We Stand – Divided We Fall” was first attributed to Founding Father John Dickinson in his pre-Revolutionary War song “The Liberty Song“, first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. In the song Dickinson wrote: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” Since then, the phrase has been used in war speeches, movies, and even as a lyric by popular rock bands and rappers.

This day, election day 11/8/16, with our country in so much turmoil, I think it’s time to remember this phrase once again.  So often I feel that I can’t make a difference.  That I am too insignificant, that I really don’t have a voice.  I feel that even though I have the right to vote, my vote means very little in the grand scheme of things, and I may be right.

No one candidate or party represents all of my beliefs or view points, yet today I am forced to make a decision, even not voting is a choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like I am a victim because I am being “forced” to choose, I am making a choice because it is my right.

With that said, today I urge everyone to remember that no matter which party you choose, try to stay united with those nearest to you, your friends, your family, your co-workers and even your Facebook “friends”.  Remember that we are not part of the Republican or Democratic Party, we are ALL Americans first and foremost.  There are many foreign countries that would love nothing more than to see America divided for they know that a divided America is a weak America.

Stay united and God bless America-




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