TRUST. A 5 letter word that is the beginning and the ending to every relationship.  Now let me be clear, I am not just talking about our relationships with other people. I am also talking about our relationships with ourselves, the goals that we make and the opportunities that we embark upon.

As an example, 14 days ago some of you made a New Year resolution to (fill in the blank).  On January first you believed with all your heart that you would commit to and follow through with your resolution.  You had faith and trusted yourself 100%.  However, by January 7th you realized that you weren’t following through with your stated goal.  With that realization, you lost a little faith in yourself that you could actually do what you said you could do.  By the 10th you realized that you were missing your goal completely and because you no longer believed that you could do what you said you would do, you gave up. You no longer trusted yourself to see your commitment through to the end.

When TRUST is lost, progress is stopped in its tracks.

My business is built on trust.  Trust in the company, trust in our products, trust in the science, trust in your business partners but most importantly, trust in yourself.  If you do not trust yourself, my business will never work for you.  You MUST trust yourself to do what you say and say what you do.  If you don’t, you will begin to second guess yourself. Then despite all the reasons that you know you should or all the proof that you see, you will wonder if you truly have what it takes or if this business can even work at all.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in a position that you no longer trust yourself?

  1. DO NOT QUIT- whether it is a personal goal (resolution) or a business goal, DO NOT QUIT!  Quitting will only tell your subconscious that your future thoughts, ideas and desires are not to be trusted because you won’t follow through anyway.
  2. ADJUST YOUR GOALS- If you your goal was to work out an hour everyday but the reality is that you can’t find an extra hour in your schedule, make an adjustment.  Even working out one hour a week would better than doing nothing.  By following through with a commitment you can keep, your subconscious will begin to trust you again.
  3. CELEBRATE YOUR PROGRESS NOT THE END RESULT- Anything worth having will not come easy.  You will have to work for it. That does NOT mean that it has to be all or nothing.  Too often we don’t feel like things are moving at the speed that we desire so we get down on ourselves.  STOP IT! If your goal is to work out once a week and you show up and accomplish that goal, allow yourself to feel good because you did it and to not feel bad because you are not doing it enough.  Following though will build trust and when you start to trust yourself again, magical things will start to happen in your life.

Have a great day!


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