You Already Know


Yesterday I had an empowerment coaching session with a client.  This woman had it all.  She was a mother.  She had been successful in business, very intelligent and beautiful inside and out.  However, what I found most interesting was that she felt stuck.  She felt like she was missing the “answer”.  After nearly a 90 minute session it was obvious to me that the only thing she lacked was to apply the information that she already knew.  After her session was over I knew that I had the topic for my next post.

The topic?  You already know EVERYTHING you need to know-   Seriously.  How many times have you called a friend for advice and ended up doing the opposite?  Or had a “gut” feeling then did the opposite only to regret your decision later?  I know for me, I found it necessary to read book after book, create presentation after presentation and “perfect” myself BEFORE I was willing to put myself back in the game.  Why?  Did I really not know what to do?  Absolutely not.  I knew exactly what it would take and I knew exactly how to do it.  What was lacking was my ability to apply my knowledge and put it into action.  In addition, I lacked the ability to trust myself and the abilities that I already had.  But why?  Well for me, that answer was pretty complex but I believe what I learned might also help a few others so I am going to share.

What I discovered was that I had been sabotaging my success.  The reason?  I was actually afraid that I would reach my goals and once there, lose them, just like before.  Since I was a kid I out worked the competition.  I practiced longer, worked harder and stayed longer than my competition.  Doing so won me awards, honors and distinctions in sports, music and business.  I had a great life.  In fact, I would say that I had it all. (at least all that I wanted).  But when things turned and I lost it, the pain of losing it again was too much to bear so I began delaying and sabotaging my success.  Sound familiar?  If so, put down the book, turn off the training videos, pull up your britches and engage in life.  You need nothing else.  You just need to get to work.

Have  a great day!


One response to “You Already Know”

  1. Amanda Davis says :

    Hi Kevin, Your blog was PERFECT for ME today!! Thank you for sharing! Love you, Amanda

    Please excuse my brevity 😎 Sent from my iPhone 949-887-3690



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