Matters of the mind…



Oddly enough, after I wrote yesterdays blog post, I stumbled on a very interesting concept that was perfectly in line with the post I had written just hours before.  Check this out.  It is from a man by the name of Todd Herman.  He has a video on the topic and a free workbook that you can receive by registering here.

In his video he discusses two different mindsets, the OWW and the WOW.

Here are a few pictures to helps describe the differences (if you can’t read the pictures register for his free workbook and watch the video)

wow 2

wow 1

wow 3

wow 4

I truly believe that the number one thing that stops people from getting what they truly desire, is mindset.  Learn to control how you think and you can do anything!  I highly recommend taking a look at what Todd has to offer as it is a very simple approach to getting your mind to work in a way that will make achieving new goals a positive experience rather than a painful one.

I hope that you take a look and I hope that you have a great day!

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