Irrational Fear


This morning I took my dog Norm to the groomer.  The groomer that I use is inside the veterinarian clinic.  As we got closer and closer to the door, Norm started to pull back on his leash.  It was pretty obvious that he did NOT want to walk into that clinic.  Once inside he started to shake so I picked him up and I could feel his heart POUNDING in his chest.  I felt so bad for him!

As I was leaving the clinic I realized that Norm’s fear of getting a bath and a nice hair cut was absolutely ridiculous but in his mind the the danger was real.  But why?  Why did he associate the vet with fear and danger even though he always leaves there with a fresh cut, a treat and lots of attention from all the women that work there?

Then I realized that Norm and I aren’t so different.  I hate the dentist, even though they are very nice to me and I always leave feeling better than when I entered the office.  I dislike the idea of going to the doctor, even though when I go, I usually leave in better shape than when I entered.

When you think about it, it is pretty strange.  We fear things that are good for us.  We fear things that have the potential to improve us or make us better than we are.  In my business, half the day is spent counseling and encouraging business partners (and myself) to send a text or to pick up the phone and call a friend.  We all know that by making the call, we have the opportunity to help someone.  In fact, over the past several years, we have helped a lot of someones, yet for many of us, the fear of picking up the phone is real.  Hearts start beating, sweat starts beading and excuses start flowing.  We pull back just like the frightened dog at the groomer even though we know that we have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

In order to truly defeat mediocrity, I am going to have to learn how to recognize irrational fear.  Once I do, the key will be to NOT proceed with caution but instead to proceed with reckless abandon as I search for the great outcome that is waiting for me.  I hope that you will do the same.

Have a great day!

One response to “Irrational Fear”

  1. Brian Schneider says :

    Great post….so true.


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