Going the distance…


I woke up the other morning, looked around my house, and it hit me, I’m a “ninety percenter”.  When I take on a project I go “all in”.  I work and work and work on it until it is almost complete.  Then for some strange reason, maybe boredom, maybe lack of funds, maybe because I just simply no longer want to, I stop.

About 16 months ago I bought a new house for Ethan and I .  The day we moved in the demolition started.  Night after night, day after day I worked on the house and to be honest, it looks great and has really come a long way but it is not finished.  I still have to replace the baseboards and switch out a few more electrical outlets.  Both are very minor details.  The house is good enough.  It looks great and it is more than live-able.  But the problem is I know that it is not done.  I know that I have loose ends that need to be tied up.  Because I know this, I can never really rest.

In my mind I have a list of all the work that needs to be completed and quite frankly, it is always there.  It’s like having  a “honey do” list without any of the advantages that come along with having a wife.  That list is a constant nag in my head.  If I watch a football game, I’m always looking around the room thinking about what needs to be finished rather than enjoying the game.

In order to defeat mediocrity, I’ve come to realize that I must finish what I start.  I must go the distance.

Are you a “ninety percenter”?  If you are, join me in making a commitment to yourself to tie up your loose ends and see all of your projects through to the end!  Your future self will thank you for it.

Have a great day!

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