Healing the World

This is too important not to share.  Healing the world starts at home and in our communities, we are all family. Be the light. Today I challenge you to do something selfless, kind and loving for someone in your life.  Have a great day!  Here’s the story. 

A busy father was looking for a way to entertain his young daughter. He found a map of the world in a magazine and cut it into pieces. He gave the pieces to his child and suggested she try to piece the map back together.
After a very short time she came back to him and said she had finished. He was very surprised by how quickly she had done it. He asked her how she had managed to do it so fast. She replied, ‘I noticed when you took the page out of the magazine that on the back of the map of the world there was a picture of a man and a woman. I thought that if I could put the man and the woman back together, I could put the world back together.’ 

One response to “Healing the World”

  1. Jean says :


    “Watch an ABC primetime investigative report!”

    “The health effects of Nrf2 may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.” …. Washington State University, 2015



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