I Am Not Batman

When I woke up today and got dressed, I found myself wearing a Batman t-shirt. Though I chose the shirt for no particular reason, just seeing the bright yellow logo in the mirror really got me thinking about the caped crusader and what his superpower really was. 


After a little research, my curiosity was confirmed. The truth is, he didn’t have one. Unlike Superman who could leap over buildings in a single bound, fly faster than a speeding bullet or use his xray vision to see the unseen, Batman was just a regular, good looking, athletic man with deep financial resources and genius level intelligence. 


And although for most of us, possessing even one of those gifts would make us feel like a superhero, when compared to Superman, Batman seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick. I wonder if Batman ever felt the same way.


Usually, when we look at someone else we find it easy to recognize their SUPERPOWERS. And when we do, it can all too often leave us feeling a bit insignificant about our own.


To answer my earlier question, I’m sure that Batman was envious of Superman, after all, who wouldn’t want to fly? But at the end of the day, Batman knew that while he couldn’t fly, he had the ability to serve the world and make a difference in a way that only he could.


How about you? What are your super powers? Are you using them to your fullest extent or do you often find yourself day dreaming about flying?


Have a great day!




PS- If you truly don’t know what your “Super Power” is or maybe you just need to confirm its existence, try asking a few of the people in your life. You can ask questions like:


What skill or trait do I poses that you think makes me special?

If you were me, which of my gifts or talents would you focus on?

Where do you think I poses the greatest potential?

Please be honest, which of my gifts or talents do you think I am letting go to waste? (Don’t get mad if you don’t like the answer)

Is there skill or trait that I poses that makes you envious?

Feel free to create your own questions.


Extra credit: Find a partner and help each other discover your own Super Powers by taking turns at asking and answering the questions above.


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