Time Travel with Me.

My son and I both love the movie “Back to the Future”. He loves it because, there are guitars, skateboards, a dog and and awesome car.  I love it because the movie demonstrates how one small tweak in the past, can completely change the future.

Do you remember one of the first scenes in the movie where we are introduced to Marty’s family? Not exactly an example of success and happiness, right? Then Marty travels back in time where he helps his father, George, stand up to Biff and eventually knock him out. In the next scene, Marty joins the band, filling in for the injured guitar player, and as the band plays the song “Earth Angel”, his parents kiss and fall in love. At that point in the movie we knew that if Marty didn’t get his parents to kiss, he and his siblings would cease to exist, so in essence, that kiss, saved their lives. But, that wasn’t all. When Marty returns to present day 1985, he wakes up to a whole new life. His once run down home is now beautiful. His brother and sister are no longer outcasts, they are popular and successful.  His nerdy Dad and down on life Mother have become hip, trendy, fit and successful. And as Marty opens the door to his home, Biff, who is waxing the family car, tosses him the keys to Marty’s shiny new pick up truck. A whole new life, simply because his father faced his fear and stood up to a bully back in high school.

What one “little” thing could you do today that would completely change your future? Do you have an idea or dream that is ready to leave your head and make its way into the world? Is it time to “get healthy”? Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to begin?  Or maybe there is someone special that you wish you could get the courage up to ask on a date? Whatever “it” is, taking action, may change your life. Yet, many of us NEVER take the first step towards what we we truly want.

As a coach, I help you change what is possible. I’m like a time traveler who helps you erase the fear, self doubt and the lies that you tell yourself and are holding you back. I help you find the greatness, passion and purpose that you see in others, in yourself and in doing so, we change your future.

If you are ready to go from good to great, face your fears and uncover what’s been holding you back, the time is now to schedule a FREE Total Transformation Discovery Session.

Our session will consist of a deep coaching conversation designed to provide you with a powerful, life changing experience. To be clear, coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy is about healing past wounds, and while there are professionals that specialize in that arena, my coaching is about helping you create a future, where what once seemed impossible becomes reality.

Are you ready? If your answer is “yes”, email at:  info@coachkevinnow.com – subject line: “time travel” and I will contact you to schedule your FREE 2 hour session.

I’m looking forward to talking to you-

Sincerely- Kevin Messerschmidt




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