The Seven Decisions


Today I want to share with you something that every person, regardless of age, needs to know.  The following is from the work of Andy Andrews.  As I have said in the past, I highly recommend his book “the Traveler’s Gift”  If you haven’t read it yet or if you have and need a reminder, the following link will take you to the seven decisions that Andy noticed that many of the worlds most successful people had in common.  In coming up with these 7 decisions, Andy read over 400 biographies.

I hope that you receive the same benefits that I have from them.  (or am practicing to receive)  Good Luck!

Click to access AA_SevenDecisions.pdf

One response to “The Seven Decisions”

  1. Nancy Bobbitt says :

    Awesome blog Kevin… You are the man with the plan!!!❤️🙏🙆🏻🐴🌈🙋🏻🚀🌺🌹🍀


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