Should I or Shouldn’t I???


When I was in my 20’s, making a decision was easy.  If I wanted to do something, I just did it.  I figured why not, after all, what did I have to lose?  In fact, at age 25 I quit a very secure, comfortable job running a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Sea Doo franchise.  It was a job that I loved very much and the owners, a close knit Italian family, loved me and treated me like their own.  Quitting that job was more like a divorce than a career change. For years I was disowned, it was all very difficult but the decision to leave was easy.  I knew that I wanted more.  At the time I was single, owned a house and had plenty of bills to pay but I didn’t care.  In my mind, leaving a guaranteed $65k / year salary for the unlimited potential of 100% commission, was easy.  I was willing to risk it all, no questions asked, I was certain that I would succeed and I did!

Then as the years passed by, my success, family and responsibilities caused me to analyze everything to death. I would make a decision, then seek advice to make sure that the decision I made was right.  Oddly, the more advice I sought, the more confused I became.  I struggled to make decisions in my life, both big and small.  Even after I would make a decision, I’d find myself second guessing it.  So instead of moving forward, I would seek advice from people in my life that weren’t fully equipped to give it.  They didn’t have the same risk tolerances, experience or understanding about my situation but I asked them anyway.  Oddly, had I done the same thing when I was 25, I would have never left the comfort of the motorcycle shop.

About 18 months ago, I was really struggling with a decision.  I arrived home after work and my weekend’s task was to build cupboards, counter tops and a hutch in my laundry room.  At the time, a friend of mine was telling me that I HAD to read a book called “The Traveler’s Gift”, so I  downloaded the book on Audible, hit play and started building.  To say that book touched me, would be an understatement.  By the end, I was literally in tears and felt empowered to make another big decision in my life, I was ready to quit a job, for which I had no passion, and dive full time into entrepreneurial-ship. I knew I was ready and the book confirmed it, it as talking to me!

That Monday I went to work with the intention of quitting.  I was in my office waiting for my friend and boss to arrive. As I was waiting, I started to talk myself out of quitting.  When he arrived, he came directly to my office.  I could tell something was wrong and as he sat down, he had tears in his eyes.  When he began speaking he told me that he was not going to be able to make payroll this month and that he needed to let a few people go.  Since I was one of the highest paid employees, I was one of them.  I was absolutely relived!  I stood up, walked over and gave him a hug.  I said don’t worry, you know that “network marketing thing” I’ve been doing?  It’s paying me as much as I’m making here and to be honest, I was going to quit today anyway.  We both laughed, hugged each other and I gladly packed up my personal belongings and left.

Looking back, the part about this story that really opened my eyes, is that in life, we either have the power to make a decision or we can leave it up to fate to make it for us.  I am so glad that, years prior, I had made the decision to start my network marketing business.  I am so glad that I had dug that well before I was thirsty. If I hadn’t, that time in my life would have been VERY different.  Christmas would have been ruined and I could have potentially lost my house.

Now back to my original question, the title of this post, “Should I or Shouldn’t I ?” In the book “The Traveler’s Gift” the author, Andy Andrews, talks about the importance of having a decided heart.  After reading this section of the book over and over again, I am certain that the reason I or maybe we, struggle so badly with making decisions, is because of this very concept.  We struggle because our heart is not yet decided.  We are not 100% certain of the outcome.  We don’t have faith that we can be or do all that it is that we are dreaming of.  Having a decided heart means that the outcome is certain, no outside advice is necessary, no opinions need to be sought.  Having a decided heart means that YOU are in control of YOUR destiny and the outcome is CERTAIN!

If you have not already read “The Traveler’s Gift”, I highly recommend that you do so immediately, if you have, you may want to read it again.  Until then, here is a short article in which Andy Andrews discusses the concept of having a decided heart. I hope that you enjoy it.

I hope that you have a great day!




One response to “Should I or Shouldn’t I???”

  1. Jeanne Boone says :

    Thanks Kevin for this encouraging blog. Continued blessings.


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