Commit your LOVE daily

Last night I “accidently” picked up the wrong journal, packed it in my bag and headed out.  When I got to my destination I was bummbed that I had the wrong book.  With no other choice, I opened the journal and began to read my notes from a 5 day workshop that I attended in Sedona, AZ over three years ago.  It was an incredible and much needed diversion.  As I read my pages of notes, I realized that I had many new topics for my blog.  

Today, the lesson is about love.  The workshop was conducted by a woman whom I owe so much.  She is an incredible teacher and friend. While she was conducting the workshop, miles away, her beloved was home fighting a sickness. And though they weren’t together in a physical sense it was apparent that they were as connected as if they were sitting beside each other holding hands.  So often when we love someone we forget that the love we give is a choice.  It is something that should not be taken for granted, it is something that needs to be given and received from our own free will. 

Here is the lesson, I’m not sure it was meant as such but I witnessed it and it touched me so I wrote it down. I hope that you will find it just as valuable as I did.  

Committing to love

“Good morning, I love you, I’m in”

When I heard the couple exchange these words each morning I realized that commitment wasn’t a ring on a finger or vows you speak in a church, true love is a choice.  It is a commitment and it should be reaffirmed daily.  

Today and everyday moving forward, let the person that you love in your life, be it a friend or a loved one, know that you are “all in” on them. 

I hope that you have a great day.  

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