Fear of the Unknown


I’m going to keep this post brief.  Today I finally conquered one of my fears and now I am able to cross one MAJOR item off of my remodeling list.  If you remember back a few weeks ago I wrote about being a “90 percenter”, meaning that I am great a getting a project started and almost to the finish line, then stopping and leaving approximately 10% of the work left to go.

Well one of the items I had on my “10% list” list was the installation of baseboard. I’ve been dreading it for a year.  I was honestly scared of wasting my money, doing the work and having it come out looking like my dog Norm installed it.  Since I had no idea as to what I was doing, FEAR kept me from completing something that was very important to me, not to mention one of my final stops on the remodel.

Now that it is done and looks pretty ok… I started to ponder about all the other things in my life that have been put on hold simply because of fear.  Unfortunately the list was pretty big.  Not for long… from now on if something scares me, I’m going to make the choice to tackle it head on because the feeling of accomplishment is so much more fulfilling than pain and procrastination that comes with fear.

How about you?  What FEARS can you start crossing off your list today?

Have a great day!


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