What will you leave behind?


It seems that everyday I talk to someone that reminds me of an important lesson.

Today I want to write about something that may be the most challenging obstacle that most of us will ever face.  That obstacle, what or who are you willing to “leave behind” in order to get where you want to go?  Let me explain.

Most of us have a dream or at minimum a goal that we would like to accomplish.  Most often, to realize that dream or goal we have to learn new skills, meet new people, acquire a new attitude or change our current habits.  The problem is that as we change, other areas of our life, that we were not expecting, will also need to change or we will not reach our final destination.

Think of it like climbing a mountain.  When you were very little you started to collect all sorts of stuff as you started to climb.  As you grew older that sack on your back started to grow heavier and in order to keep going and growing, you had to leave some of your “stuff” behind.  I used to LOVE hot wheels cars but they were just to heavy for me to carry so I took them out of my bag when I turned 35.  (No worries, I put them in my son’s sack)

The problem is that some of the things that we are carrying are not that easy to let go of.  It may be an old friend, a bad habit or a a terrible memory.  Whom or whatever it is, if it is no longer serving you, it is weighing you down.  If it is weighing you down, that climb that you are trying to make will be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Today I would like to challenge you to join me in cleaning out some of your baggage.  Do so and have faith that whatever or whomever you release, God will replace with something or someone better. After all, wouldn’t it look pretty ridiculous for a 44 year old man to pull out his hot wheels cars and start playing with them while out to dinner at a fine restaurant?

Have a great day.


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