Enjoying the Ride

This morning I read a post on my friends facebook page.  It was memory, an exchange between him and his daughter from a year ago.  Unfortunately, she passed, unexptedly a few months later.  

As I read their exchange I can’t help but wish that they could live that day all over again.  That instead of choosing to do what they “had to do”, they had the freedom to choose to do what they “wanted” to do.  

In the text that my friend shared, it was a cold rainy day.  Neither of them wanted to go to work and they were both complaining about it.  His daughter, jokingly made a suggestion.  In her text she wrote, “leave work, I’ll make a fire and we will watch movies all day and eat Chinese food”.  

Today I’m going to allow their text exchange to serve as a reminder to me, that eventhough doing the “responsible” thing is sometimes not negotiable, if I have a choice, I’ll slow down and take advantage of moments like that.  I hope that you do the same.  I love and miss you Brittany.  

2 responses to “Enjoying the Ride”

  1. Brooke says :

    These posts or something I’m beginning to really look forward to! Thank you for such a thought provoking and tender post, I’m praying that you’re inspired by how you are inspiring others!

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  2. Kevin Messerschmidt says :

    Thank you Brooke. It means everything to me and I appreciate you letting me know. 🙂


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