Dreaming Bigger Faster…


Like most children, when I was little I had big dreams. I’d spend my days playing outside.  One minute I was an army man, shooting my bb gun and using a garbage bag as a parachute as I’d jump off the top of my jungle gym.  The next minute I was Evil Knievel and jumping my old Schwinn bicycle across the ditch.  Most of my days, however, would be spent riding my motorcycle through the fields that surrounded my house while dreaming that I was the best motocross racer in the world or playing baseball, by myself, in our front yard.  It didn’t matter what it was that I was doing, in my head, I was always to best! I had no fear and I never considered, not for a second, that any of these things were not possible.

Then as I grew older I started to realize that I wasn’t fast enough to play major league baseball, brave enough to jump over the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle and certainly didn’t have it in me to do anything associated with the military beyond shooting plastic army men with a bb gun.

If you think about it, reality is sad, VERY, VERY sad.  Once I began to realize my limitations, my dreams got smaller and much more “realistic”.  WHY???  As I am sitting here writing this I’m literally getting mad at myself, MAD!  Sure, my dreams were BIG and possibly unrealistic but those BIG dreams, while not completely realized, did shape the first half of my life.  I never played major league baseball but I did play for a couple of years in college.  I never became a professional motocross racer but I did end up as the sales manager for a multi-million dollar Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Sea-Doo franchise.

If my 9-year-old self had decided to be “more realistic”, would any of those amazing experiences have ever happened?  No, I don’t think they would have.  If I had been “realistic” as a 9-year-old, that chubby little kid, or as my Mom called me “husky”, would have put his baseball glove in the cupboard and never pulled it out again!  All the amazing lessons and experiences that  I had playing baseball would have NEVER happened to me.  What a tragedy that would have been!

So if all of this is true, then why should I/we be “realistic” with ourselves as an adult?  What if dreaming bigger and being slightly “unrealistic” is just a springboard to the life that is waiting for us to live?

From this point forward I am going to promise myself to dream about my future like I did as a kid.  I promise to dream big, dream of being the best and never again allow “realism” into the manifestation and co-creation of my future.  I realize that I may never become the person that I am in my dreams but I will become the person that God intended me to be.

I hope that you will join me and make your own promise.

Have a great day!

Here is the 9-year-old me after crashing on that motorcycle, breaking my elbow and having surgery… ahhhhh memories.


One response to “Dreaming Bigger Faster…”

  1. Jeanne Aspenson says :

    Thanks Kevin! Appreciate and look forward to these. Just forwarded to my oldest son. He has a dream to become commercial pilot, but feels it’s impossible. All things are possible with God!


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