Time to Celebrate!


Today I want to write about the importance of celebrating the success of others.  To truly defeat mediocrity, we must do what the average person doesn’t do.  One thing I notice quite often is how many people love to be celebrated when they do something great, yet fail to put the same effort into celebrating the success of others when it is their time to shine.

Even worse, is when we witness someone having great success and we find ourselves feeling jealous of them and their accomplishments.  I know that in the past, I did this.  I’d look at the person and come up with a list of all the reasons they were able to do what I had not. Things like, they got this advantage or that, they knew this person, they had more natural talent, they didn’t play fair, they were lucky and list could go on and on.

If you find yourself doing this, please recognize your behavior and stop.  Simply ask yourself, if it was your time to shine, would you want people to celebrate with you or be jealous of you?  The answer is obvious.  So from now on, join me in committing to celebrate the success of others, no matter how big or how small.  If you find yourself feeling jealous or making excuses turn that negative energy around and use it to motivate yourself to reach your goals by memorizing this old saying… “what one man (woman) can do so can another man (woman)”.

I want to end this post by celebrating a major accomplishment that a friend of mine reached this past weekend.

Congratulations David Geschke on your accomplishment of taking one day at a time and remaining sober for the past 27 years!  I admire your persistence and commitment.  I’m sure that it wasn’t always easy for you but you did it!


3 responses to “Time to Celebrate!”

  1. Jean Woeppel says :

    27 years sober is a magnificent accomplishment to be celebrated. That is fabulous!


  2. Maggie says :



  3. Diana says :

    I want to congratulate David on his hard work and diligence. It couldn’t have been easy but things that challenge us are always the things that help us grow the most.
    I also want to celebrate you, Kevin, for starting this blog. I enjoy your insight, knowledge, humor, humility, and growth as a person that you so willingly share with the world. You rock!


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